Provide feedback

  • Did you experience a functional bug when hacking the application?
  • Did the app server crash after you sent some malformed HTTP request?
  • Were you sure to have solved a challenge but it did not light up on the score board?
  • Do you think you found an accidental vulnerability that could be included and tracked on the score board?
  • Do you disagree with the difficulty rating for some of the challenges?
  • Did you spot a misbehaving UI component or broken image?
  • Did you enjoy a conference talk, podcast or video about OWASP Juice Shop that is missing in our references compilation on GitHub?

In all the above (as well as other similar) cases, please reach out to the OWASP Juice Shop team, project leader or community!

Feedback Channels

Channel Link
OWASP Slack Channel (Self-registration)
Gitter Chat
Google Groups Forum!forum/juice-shop-project
Project Mailing List (on Google Groups)
GitHub Issues

Your honest feedback is always appreciated, no matter if it is positive or negative!

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